Dogs Are Choking From Rawhide

Choking and blockages are severe problems that dog owners face with their pups. In some cases, it could lead to death. When dogs are not monitored, they could quickly ingest something they find on the ground and swallow it. It can easily cause serious damage to their internals. Owners constantly find themselves having to put their hands into their dogs' mouths to remove objects that are not ingestible. What if you monitor your dog carefully and give him a trusty chew that is pet approved, and he still chokes. We are starting to see a common trend with dog owners moving towards healthier, all-natural, fully digestible Bully Sticks for their dogs. Yes, they are premium because they are high quality. 

As dog owners have become more and more concerned with the ingredients in their dog's food, they have started to become conscious about what harmful components are posing health risks for their pups. Take rawhide, for instance; made from animal skin but taken from the leather industries leftovers. The hair and fat on the skin are removed with harsh chemicals, posing non-organic high-risk threats for ingestion. Usually, rawhide has a very high travel time where most raw materials come from China. In that high travel time, the rawhide treats get affected by decay and infested with bacteria. It is also true for non-organic animal bones, ears, and other animal parts with a very long travel time. 

Cancer is the leading cause of death in dogs, accidents, and a close third, choking and intestinal blockages. About 25%-30% of dogs die of intestinal issues each year. That is approximately 2 million dogs a year in America; that number does not include complications and illnesses created due to unnatural products. Choking and blockages are an unnatural death to a dog, and for that, it makes it very hard, sudden and unexpected. You would think that most choking come from balls, toys, or other ornaments around the house, but the most common death from choking is through pet-approved bones and dog chews that are not digestible.

To prevent the ingestion of harsh chemicals and non-digestible material, owners have replaced their dog chews and treats with bully sticks. It has taken over as the most popular premium dog chew and treat in America. There is no other part of the animal like the bull pizzle that is easily digestible, high in protein, and long-lasting. The skin on the pizzle is not rough but soft, making it digestible enough and long-lasting enough, the perfect balance, unmatched by any other treat. It is the perfect balance of tough on the teeth and smooth on the belly. The digestible skin is wrapped around 100% all-natural organic beef. One of the most trusted brands of bully sticks is Fully Bully Sticks, as the company makes sure to source their products from grass-fed, organic, and all-natural single ingredient farms in South America. 

The majority of dog owners in America have canceled all other dog treats and have focused solely on Bully Sticks. The safety and health benefits Fully Bully Sticks offers are incomparable with any other chew. That way, owners can protect their dogs from cancer, choking, and blockages so they can live a long and happy life. A happy dog is a happy home. 

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