FULLY BULLY Sticks are:

100% All-Natural Beef: Our bully sticks are made from high-quality, free-range, grass-fed beef.

High In Protein: Each bully stick is packed with protein and other essential vitamins to support a healthy diet. 

Fully Digestible: Made of natural beef, these 100% digestible dog chews never splinter and are safe for your pet. 

Excellent Alternative To Rawhide: Our bully sticks are free of any additives, hormones, or unhealthy chemicals.

Ingredient: 100% Beef Pizzle!

FULLY BULLY Sticks benefits:

Dental Care: FULLY BULLY Sticks remove harmful plaque buildup and give dogs fresh breath and strong teeth.

Mental Stimulation: FULLY BULLY Sticks keep dogs focus out of boredom-induced trouble. It helps the dogs to stay focus and calm. Chewing and licking is very important to all dogs as it releases endorphins to make them happier.

Training: FULLY BULLY Sticks are perfect for training dogs as a positive reward. Additionally, they are an excellent tool to calm down hyperactive dogs, or for dogs who need to stay focused and stimulated while traveling, at work, or home.

Excellent Alternative To Rawhide: FULLY BULLY Sticks are an excellent alternative to rawhide and are free of any additives, hormones, and unhealthy chemicals.

Why Low Odor and Not Odor-Free

Odor-free bully sticks are overcooked that results in the loss of nutrients and taste. We have come up with a perfect balance of a low odor FULLY BULLY Sticks that maintains the natural flavor that dogs love. Making the dog and the human happy. 


Chewing Instructions:

Portion Size: Fully Bully is the perfect chew but not a complete diet. We recommend 1 to 2 Bully Sticks per day. Always monitor your dog, provide lots of freshwater while chewing.

Stay Safe: Pups should always be supervised while enjoying the perfect chew - Fully Bully is not for your human.

Exercise: Generally, dogs require daily exercise. It is recommended to provide 30 minutes of exercise for small dogs, 1 hour for medium dogs, and 2 hours for large dogs. Please consult with your veterinarian as per your breed, age, and health of your dog.


We’re committed to meeting the Highest Quality standards. This promise extends to our name. FULLY BULLY™ Sticks are FULLY premium beef, FULLY natural, FULLY delicious, and FULLY affordable!