Frequently Asked Questions

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The FULLY BULLY™ Stick is made out of 100% beef pizzle or bull penis. It is the part of the animal that has not been used for a long time and when they found out that dogs can highly benefit from its nutrition, they decided to turn it into a jerky type of dried dog treat and feed it to dogs rather than the old chemically filled unhealthy rawhide treat.

FULLY BULLY™ Sticks are the best dog treat on the market because they are made out of one ingredient, organic grass-fed all-natural beef. This dog chew is essential for their oral pleasure as it cleans their teeth and provides them with much needed protein, fiber, and essential nutrition.

Yes, dogs should be eating one FULLY BULLY™ Stick daily. This will keep them focused, happy, and distracted from other unhealthy and dangerous chews around the home. Chewing releases endorphins or hormones that make them feel happy which will calm a dog down.

FULLY BULLY™ Sticks are made out of all-natural beef protein. Like human food the higher the quality the higher the price. FULLY BULLY™ Sticks are the lowest priced premium dog treat on the market. We have managed to negotiate the supplier down and eliminate the middle man, because we believe that all dogs deserve supreme health.

When the FULLY BULLY™ Stick is mixed with the saliva of the dog it turns white so that it dissolves and digests in a healthy way preventing any blockage.

FULLY BULLY™ Sticks are extremely safe because they are 100% food, 100% Beef, and 100% digestible. Our dog Richard and all his puppy friends get a bully stick everyday no matter the breed or age of the puppy, as long as they can eat solid food.

FULLY BULLY™ Sticks is the best bully sticks brand on the market because they are the highest quality of 100% beef and 100% all natural brand. They are free of hormones, additives, and chemicals, and are the lowest price on the market.

Vets highly recommend FULLY BULLY™ Sticks because of their health benefits. The benefit of removing harmful plaque on the dogs teeth, The low-fat-high-protein diet it provides the dog, the all-natural single ingredient, and the way it makes the dog happy, focused, and calm.

FULLY BULLY™ Sticks are the safest bully sticks for dogs. When you are looking for a premium dog chew for your best friend, you want to make sure it is healthy for their body. This provides the nutrition, joy, and fun all in the safest single ingredient dog chew.

The odor comes from the moisture of the all-natural beef pizzle, but FULLY BULLY™ Sticks are low in odor because they are cooked in a way to eliminate the unwanted moisture. FULLY BULLY™ wants to make the dog and the human happy. Odor-less bully sticks do not make the dogs as excited to chew for a long period of time, while natural scented bully sticks are usually too strong for the human nose. FULLY BULLY™ Sticks have found the perfect medium to make both dog and human happy.

Since FULLY BULLY™ Stick is 100% Food, 100% Beef, 100% all-natural, it makes it perfect and recommended for dogs to swallow. It provides a high-protein and low-fat option for their diet coupled with loads of fun.

The 6 inch FULLY BULLY™ Stick is the best size for all dog breads. If a dog does not finish the stick it can always be saved for another day and if you feel like your dog needs more than one bully stick you may give them another. Please consult with your veterinarian about healthy quantities of 6 Inch FULLY BULLY™ Stick to give your dog.